Kalyan Singhal, founder of the Production and Operations Management Society and General Editor of The Journal of Operations Management:
“Yes, Paul was a giant, a beautiful mind and a mountain of generosity. Yes, we lost a mentor as well as a great friend. Yes, he taught us many lessons including how to go in style. In the last 20 years, he influenced my life more than any other friend.”

Corbett Charles, INSEAD PhD, Professor at UCLA:
“Even though we had a year or two to prepare, there really is no preparing for this, and it will take quite a while to let this sink in. I hope that Paul realized how deeply he touched so many of us. His positive energy was irrepressible and contagious and rubbed off on many of those he interacted with, making all of us a little better for having known him.”

Daniel Guide, General Editor of the Journal of Operations Management, Professor at Penn State:
“He was one of the more interesting people on this planet and I was always amazed at his generosity, kindness and intellect.”

Martin Starr, Emeritus Professor Columbia University, co-founder or the Production and Operations Management Society:
“The mind of Paul was so beautiful that it elevated all of mankind. Paul’s ideas create a treasure that might be available from his writings (not just published articles). Is there anyone who can research his papers and create a fitting tribute? The author of that work would have to capture how brilliance and humour and humility were all remarkable combined in one person.”